The Visit

Since yesterday’s post was so long i figured i couldn’t add to it so here is how D’s visit went.

Still frustrated and now a little annoyed.

The surgeon, who i do like, stated the following:

* either allergies

* problems with the air conditioner being too cold in the house (IF ONLY!)

* his tonsils, but this is low on the list as they are only a 2+ (not enough to operate)

* his reflux is causing this problem

He really likes the allergy one. Ok well if that is the problem how come after being on every allergy medication there is for kids as well as combinations of them nothing has helped him breath? Not even lessen the symptoms. Makes me want to vomit. I am frustrated and feel like i am going crazy.

“Does he snore?” no

” Does he have alot of drainage?” no none…”What color is the drainage?” there is no drainage. ” Is there only drainage at night?” NO DRAINAGE. Am i speaking greek?

The surgeon really likes the theory that the air conditioner is blowing too cold of air and that his nose is freezing, this is mainly common if 1) the child in question is an infant  2) the air is actually cold when you have the air on (unlike our house). Oh and that it is too dusty in there. He only has problems at naps and bedtime. His room is the hottest one in the house, we have a humidifier running in his room, i am a dust fanatic. We have the special filters that cost a mere fortune to replace every other month. He has been tested for the basic allergies like dust, mold, pollen and grass all negative. But we are going to the lab to get his blood drawn to test for everything including any food allergies. We will do this when we return from VA.


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