After what seems like an exhausting time going to specialist after specialist, we came to the conclusion that I has a condition which causes the stomach to spasm improperly. A normal stomach operates in a ripple from the top were the esophagus empties into the stomach to the bottom where the contents empty into the small intestine. His stomach tightens in a band in the middle forcing the contents in two directions. This along with the reflux cause him to vomit while still getting some food to allow him to be nourished and grow. There is a medication that has proven to work in these cases, but it has horrible side effects. The drug controls muscle spasms in the body and causes the whole body to go stiff because the muscles are in a constant state of contraction. Also he will have to undergo a nuclear dye test so that they can monitor the drug’s effects on the stomach. But after a lot of research and talking with the area’s best pediatric gastrointestinal surgeon i have decided against going this route.

Now before everyone thinks i am a horrible mother for not going this route know this, he will grow out of it by at least 8 months. I cannot think of a good reason to put my child through this since he isn’t in distress and is gaining weight and not showing signs of any other problems. So we do nothing and i know that his throwing up the amount that he does is normal for him. I am calmer now that i have this decision and knowledge.

Now on to D’s breathing issue. After meeting with the pediatrician, yet again. *sigh* I was given the referral to the ENT surgeon that performed his earlier surgery. So off we went to meet with him.

I am getting very frustrated at this point. I know that the pediatrician has really done all they can, but i am frustrated since it has gone on for so long. D is grumpy and just near unmanageable some days due to his being so exhausted.

Did i mention i am now back at work and very very tired.


One thought on “Updates

  1. Wow…your post took me back to my eldest daughter. She had stomach probems when she was a baby, too. I could feed her 6 ounces of formula and she would spit 5 right back up! I understand the route you have choosen to try as I did the same thing. My daughter didn’t completely stop throwing up till about a year but around 9 months we saw lots of improvement.

    ((hugs)) to you and baby I!!

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