First off i wanted to thank Sandy for taking the time to leave me comments. I appreciate the information and that you have taken the time to share with me. We did do the signing when he was in speech therapy at 2 years. He was one of the few that once he learned to sign he stopped using any vocal sounds at all. It took 3 months to get noise out of him at all. He is one that likes to learn ways around talking and signing was a way out. So we stopped teaching him to sign. He still signs for certain items instead of using his words, but he is at least talking in sentences.

Today was a busy day. I had to take D and I to the doctor today. D has been having problems for sometime with breathing when he is sleeping. He has had his adenoids removed and he has never snored. He just cannot breath through his nose when he sleeps. It sounds like it is blocked with something. He doesn’t have a cold or allergies and we have for the last 3-4 months had him on every combination of decongestant, anti-histamine and whatnot there is. None have brought him any relief. So my pediatricians and i have decided that they have done as much as they can so i am going back to the ENT surgeon to investigate possible sinus issues. There is a strong possibility that he will be having another surgery to correct the problem. His sinuses were the main reason for the first surgery that he had. If they are unable to find anything then we will go to the pediatric allergist in Chapel Hill and see if he may have allergies. No one in either one of our families have allergies and we have had some basic allergy tests done with negative results. So we will see what this all brings.

That will be on hold until we get to the bottom of I’s issues. He has started vomiting again. Now the last hospital visit they confirmed that he had  gastroesophageal reflux disease which the other two boys also had. We knew that as i have been through this twice before and knew the signs. I know that they don’t like giving the diagnosis before they are 3 weeks old. So we had put him on the medicine to help with this and it was working for a bit. In the last 3 days he has begun throwing up much more than the normal spit up that i am used to with the reflux.  He was actually vomiting up a good 1-2 ounces of milk either after eating or an hour later. So we (the pediatrician and I)  made the decision to take him back to the hospital for more tests. At the last visit in the hospital he was tested for Pyloric Stenosis. For those of you who don’t feel like clicking the link “Pyloric stenosis is a narrowing of the pylorus, the lower part of the stomach through which food and other stomach contents pass to enter the small intestine. When an infant has pyloric stenosis, the muscles in the pylorus have become enlarged to the point where food is prevented from emptying out of the stomach.” Now when they did the ultrasound for this before, at 4 weeks, he did not show any signs of having it. But this is common and often when tested at 8 weeks infants are found to have the problem. If I is found to have Pyloric Stenosis then he will be admitted into the hospital and will have surgery to fix this problem. Now he is not dehydrated and the only obvious problems are the vomiting and that he only has stools every 2-3 days. He is 12lbs and 14ozs so he has gained weight since his last visit. I don’t wish for him to get to the point of weight loss though. Also if he has Pyloric Stenosis and not the reflux then i would like to know. Maybe he has both or maybe he has really bad reflux and we need to do the barium study to find this out. It is important for me to know and not just keep treating the whole/real problem. It worries me that he will have surgery so early in life. I have done a lot of research on the surgery and know that it is relatively easy and there isn’t a lot cutting involved, but still i worry….ALOT. He is such a sweet boy, but he is in pain and i want to fix it.

So many issues going on. The bright spot is J is consistently coming up to us and telling us he has to potty. He is a little bothered by #2, how to handle doing that and peeing since he can’t quite master peeing sitting down. But he is telling us he has to go and which one it is.

*sigh* did i mention that i am supposed to go back to work on Wednesday night? I am terribly bummed about this. I always get very depressed when i have to go back to work. I know we need the money desperately, especially with all of these medical bills. But i feel like i am such a zombie working the night shift and being with the boys during the days isn’t the same. I don’t remember any of it and i am grumpy. I feel like i miss out on so much. I love spending time with them and going back to work is hard for me. It would be worse if i had to put them in daycare and i know that. I am thankful that i am able to work at night and be with them during the day.

Even if it is all a blur.


One thought on “Randoms

  1. If I understand your post correctly….If he couldn’t hear well, then of course he would use sign as communication as it would be more difficult to try to learn a word he couldn’t hear. He was working off of lip reading. Just like deaf people have a hard time speaking because they never “heard” the words spoken. The sign at least gave him a way to express himself to you, even though there were no words to go with the signs. It probably wasn’t so much his way out, if he couldn’t hear it was the only way he could adequatly (sp?) communicate to you his needs.

    Now that he can hear though, you will probably see a lot more progress with speaking. I am curious though…maybe I missed it in another post…if he couldn’t hear for so long why didn’t they find it and do something about earlier?

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