I know that you are all waiting for an update on the potty situation. It is done for the most part. He has only had issue when he has had to do both. He doesn’t know whether to sit or stand. Other than that he has been on the ball with it. Now the mother in law is pushing for me to potty train the 2 yr “D” before it is too late.

Too late? What does that mean? In her mind i should have had them trained at 18 months. I hate to tell you but neither one was ready at that time. I would have loved to have them trained earlier, but that isn’t the way it goes. J has speech problems and just really wasn’t grasping the potty issue. D he sits on the potty that J doesn’t like whenever J goes so he is doing it some. D is the type that he would rather skateboard (yes at 2 yrs, dare devil!) than keep himself clean. He isn’t too interested in it and as i am finding he needs to have somewhat of an interest before i can really start needing him to do it. Some people are able to have their kids potty trained around 2, but even though i have only gone through this once, i do agree that they need to meet some points on the potty list.

They should be able to tell if they are wet/dirty and need to be changed.

They should be able to communicate their needs to you.

They should be able to deal with taking their clothes on and off to a degree.

They should have a grasp of what you are trying to show them in terms of, do they know what pee and poo is.

D fits none of these. I know that J probably could of been trained earlier, I admit to procrastinating this task. It isn’t easy. I hate messes. I have a bit of an anal quality about them. So i did put it off.

My theory is that they will not be going to Kindergarten in diapers so does it matter when i get it done?


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