Today J and D were invited to their very first birthday party that was being held at a place of business. A little girl in the neighborhood was having her 4th birthday at The Little Gym right down the street. M and i were a little worried that J would have issues with the present time since the only other birthday parties he had been around were for his brother and he has been able to play and keep toys from that.

The boys had a blast. Most of the activities were a little old for D and it was a little noisy in there at times for J, but in all fun was had. He got to sit around with other kids his age and play games (when he paid attention) and do different activities. He was great and had no problem watching the little girl open her gifts and didn’t have any issues at all. I was so happy and i really attribute this to our putting him in preschool a year early to help with his social skills.

I find myself comparing him to other kids his age. Is he the same? Is he too different? I feel bad about doing this, but i really worry that he isn’t at the same level as other kids his age. He isn’t definitely at the same level as the other kids his age with his language and he will be going in further therapy for this. I just can’t afford it while i am not working. I worry he won’t fit in in school or will be picked on. He is a sweet boy, but he does have a temper on him. He takes it out on his brother mostly, but he is starting to stand up to his friend that is more of a bully.

I think all mothers worry about their kids, but you always feel that it is different when it is your own. Plus J does has problems communicating his needs. He spent the first two years of his life for the most part deaf and after the surgery at close to 3yr he finally started to hear the way he was meant too. He has made tremendous improvements and knows a ton of words, but is still very far behind most his age at speech and comprehension. He is very witty though and has amazing knowledge of animals and numbers and letters. He puts things together very fast. His brother had tubes put in to help with sinus infections a couple months after J’s surgery and he is talking quite a bit. Of course he is not concerned with one word he says mostly two word phrases. Fine with me. Probably a little behind in talking but nothing near to what J had at that age. I won’t pursue speech therapy for him right now but i will keep an eye on it. Now that i have an idea of what i need to look for in him and the milestones that are important to reach, it will be easier.


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  1. Have you tried teaching sign language?? You can go to and order videos ( you can also order them on Amazon). DO NOT fall into the thinking this will keep children from talking!!!! When Aidan was 18 months and still wasn’t really speaking I bought him a Baby Signing Time vid and after ONE DAY of watching it (he loved it and ONLY wanted to watch that show ALL DAY) he began saying more and more words and had what they call a “language explosion”.

    I think it helped associate things better in his mind…it may work for you as well! I say, go to the website and check it out before making a decision.

    Aidan doesn’t use his sign much…but it has helped him speak more and now we can’t get him to stop. We still teach him sign (it is always a good thing to know and people that know it are considered bi-lingual) in hopes that it will over all help with his speach development..which is has!!!!

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