Progress has been made

M and i decided that we needed to get J another potty. We have three bathrooms in the house and it seems silly to run all over with one potty. They aren’t that expensive. So we took the boys to the big toy store and J was standing in the midst of the potty’s and next thing you know he say potty pee pee and goes right there in the middle of the store. Not to worry we haven’t gotten to the point to where he remembers to pull his own pants down, so it was contained in his clothes. So I took him to the potty and he hopped up on the big one and while he was already done, i was proud he associated it with what he had done. I changed him, we got a new potty and ever since then he goes right in the bathroom with this potty in it and does what he needs to do. He has even been telling us when he has to go during the day. We have had only one accident in the past two days and that was due to him playing with his friends and he just didn’t want to leave them. Today he has done both # in the potty and come in from outside once to go. Now he is still not getting the majority of the pee in the potty, but he sits right down and goes. We have tried getting him to stand up and he watches his father go. He isn’t interested in hitting Cheerios and now D thinks the potty holds his snacks. I appreciate all of the comments everyone has left. I know that he will get the hang of it. He is doing everything right now it seems, now we have to figure some way to get him to pee standing up.

I even put a potty on the patio since he loves standing and peeing there, but he automatically sits when he sees it.

D has been really acting out lately. I know it is because potty training and nursing I take up a lot of my time daily. I have tried spending time with him on his own, but he still is acting out a bit.

I go back to work next week. It is way earlier than planned, but we need the money and the company paying my disability decided that two surgeries or not I was only eligible for 5 weeks of maternity pay the rest of my leave has been unpaid. We cannot afford this with three kids and house/car payments and now here come the medical bills. So i go back to work next wednesday. I am not looking forward to being on the night shift again. I really feel like i lose a lot being so tired and i don’t remember to do the things i want to do with and for my kids. I never remember things that they have done. My whole day is spent existing until M can get home and i can get 3 hours of sleep.


One thought on “Progress has been made

  1. Yay on the potty training! That is one thing some people will tell you…get a potty (or mulitple potties) so it is a convenience for them otherwise it will just be too much trouble…kinda like cats and a litter box. 😉 I can’t help with the pee not making it in the potty…we went and got a new seat that has a built in high pee guard. I don’t know if it will work as Aidan doesn’t really have the whole pee in the potty idea yet…but we will see. At least he is going to the potty!

    As far as going to work…that sucks. Just take everything one day at a time and it will all work out the way it should. Work may be the sanity helper you need. I know I was still in college when I had Aidan…I had 3 more months before graduation when he was born…going to school for a few hours a night helped me out a lot…I was able to get away for a few hours at a time and though I love my son…it was a relief to be able to get around other adults…only adults for a while and not have to take care of anyone else.


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