Boy 1: Mom 0

Day 2 of potty training. I have determined that he is too big for the little potty, but he will not sit on the big potty. Any attempts to make him do so involve a lot of screaming and no potty sitting at all. We have the seats for the potty, but that is not helping. He also won’t stand since he is left with me as a pee role model. Mommy cannot hit the bowl standing up and doesn’t have the same equipment.

Now i have him sitting on the potty for 15-20 minute intervals and I know when he has to go so i schedule several times around that. Problem is he is holding it and not going. Is this normal? He is too distracted if i put tv on or read to him. He seems to go when no one is around. He likes privacy, but doesn’t want the door shut. Sometimes though he will be on there for 45 minutes and not go, then get up and go on the carpet without saying a word.

Ok i know it is Day 2, but his 2yr old brother is starting to eye the carpet as a potty.


One thought on “Boy 1: Mom 0

  1. When we were teaching my son to stand and use the potty (he hated the little potty, too) I made a game of it for him. I would toss a few cheerios in the toliet and tell him to hit them when he peed. He thought that was great fun. I know it is strange but it worked with my son.

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