Potty anyone?

Every time i sit down to write about the starting of potty training my brain shuts down. I figure it is because it is the one thing i dread the most about being a parent. At least for right now. J is almost 4 years old. Now we did start potty training some when he was 2, but then we had just brought home D and it was just too much change for him. He just regressed in all areas. So now that he is almost 4, he is giving all the signs of being ready. He has been able to hold it through the night for almost a year and he tells us when he is dirty. I would say that pretty much indicates a readiness. The problem is that he will not tell us when he has to go.

J is still behind in speech and i think that plays into this somewhat. He will sit on potty and will sometimes go on potty, but he will also hold it for 8 hours at a time even after drinking a ton of water. The boy has a bladder of steel! After three pregnancy i am lucky to be able to hold it after taking a sip of water or if i laugh.

I know this is the first day and that it will get better, but seriously if there was someone who potty trained kids for a living i would definitely pay for that service.


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