What gives?”

Now how is it that i can give birth to a good size baby and go through a week of being hooked to an I.V. not allowed to eat anything, yet i still only weigh 20lbs less than when I was 9 months pregnant? This is completely not fair. Isn’t nursing supposed to help with the weight loss. Now i have nursed all of my boys for a year each and i didn’t eat more than i did before and yet i cannot seem to lose weight. I am not sure that this is fair in the scheme of things.

I can’t seem to get a grasp on it either. I don’t spend much time sitting during the day even though i am nursing. I am constantly lifting, bending, running and rushing around all day long and my day starts early and ends late. I know that sometimes sleep can be a factor in weightloss, but i have spent most of my life not getting more than 5 hours of sleep. As a child and teen i was heavily involved in horses and showing and spent 12 hours or more the barn training and breaking horses or travelling to shows. This continued into my 20’s when i got married and then i was working nights where i am now and then i started having kids. So really i have been busy my whole life.

So what gives? Why is my body holding onto this weight? Has it been given some insight as to a famine in the future


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