All families seem to have some sort of a family tradition. I am hoping that our family can create some that our boys grow up continuing. I also would like to start traditions that i never got to be a part of as a child. There are things that i wanted to do with my dad and sister when i was younger, but while dad was able to provide us with whatever we wanted that he could buy, dad had a hard time with the emotional part. He didn’t know how to provide what we needed in that department as well as the reality that we needed to spend time with other family members and learn more about what this family was about. We needed to learn to be comfortable as who were are and where this all came from.

I want my boys to grow up surrounded by family and friends and doing things with everyone. Learning from other people in the family, creating memories with the family. We already have a pretty popular house in terms of the neighborhood and all the kids. We seem to attract a lot of age groups and everyone plays together with the boys and also is very respectful of their age and their limits. It has made a tremendous impression on me that i missed out on this when i was younger. I spent a lot of time in front of the tv instead of outside playing.

So i informed M that i wanted to start some traditions with the boys. Like picking your own pumpkins at a pumpkin patch where they can go on a hay ride and maybe there is a maze or a harvest festival as well. I want to go as a family to pick out our christmas trees (we normally have four trees up, two real and two fake) and our ornaments. Every year we all get an individual ornament and then a family one. Normally i pick this out myself, something about men and Hallmark not mixing. There are a lot of things i want us to do as a family. We have started having a 4th of July party every year and i want to have a holiday party.

So M and I talked about this alot today and he really wants to have traditions, but he also was expressing his interest at being done having babies.



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