It has been a wild ride these past few weeks. With the addition of Ian to the house, life has not been easy!

After 4 days in the hospital, we came home and the reception was not welcoming. My two boys were very unhappy. J wouldn’t even enter the house if he knew the baby was in there. D just screams constantly whenever he is in the same area as Ian. Then less than a week after getting home, J and D came down with the stomach virus going around. I was keeping Ian in the office and changing clothes and washing before entering and when leaving the room to keep him from getting sick. After a week and a half of seeming to fight with J and D constantly and finally getting over all the throwing up, i had to take Ian to the emergency room as he couldn’t keep any of the milk down. He was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday (really it was 5am wednesday morning, as we spent 10 hours in the E.R. ) and he stayed there on I.V. for another day, then the day he got the I.V out and was able to keep milk down, he developed white blisters on his abdomen. Unsure of what this could be, the doctors kept him admitted until the cultures came back, 48 hours later. That same day (thursday), i was rushed out of Ian’s room to the E. R. having an attack. I thought it was a heart attack, but was later informed that it was a gall bladder attack combined with an inflamed pancreas. I was admitted to the hospital as well and was lucky enough to convince them to let me room with Ian on the peds floor. I wasn’t allowed anything to eat or drink until my pancreas calmed down and had my gall bladder removed on sunday, Mother’s day. Ian was discharged on Mother’s Day and i was kept until Monday night as when they removed my gall bladder it reopened my C-Section incision so i am healing all over again. My incision is bigger due to the dr removing a tumor from one of my fallopian tubes and some excess skin from my abdomen.

So i am home, healing, and we are trying hard to get some form of a routine together. Ian is a very pleasant baby. He has red hair and has grown 3″ and gained 3lbs in a week and a half. I am finally completely back to nursing after having to dump my milk for 2 days which seems like such a waste!


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