Do you squish when you walk?

I do. It isn’t because my shoes are wet either. I am retaining SO much water that if i cut myself, i swear it will be clear. *sigh*

It rained today and so all of the pollen is now in big messy puddles around the neighborhood. It is so nice to be outside, as it is unseasonably (seasonably, shoot i don’t know anymore) cool, 58 degrees. So we are outside enjoying (i.e. I am the only one in short sleeves and flip flops, the kids are in jackets and long sleeves) the weather. My sons are racing down the street into the dead end on their big wheels and playing in the wet silt that has gathered there. I didn’t think anything of it…until…

D comes up to me, with a very odd expression on his face and thick yellow goop on his pudgy little hands and mouth. Oh my golly, he is EATING POLLEN! So we aren’t allergic to it, still i don’t believe that it is on the please eat list!

Sometimes i just have to shut my eyes with that boy and shake my head. Seriously, pollen? As a snack? It is a very pretty yellow, but D if you would notice, J is not partaking in that particular treat. “D did you ever wonder WHY that would be?” Oh well, he seems fine and well this will probably re-enforce the not being allergic part. Right?

I still squish when i walk and for the record when I wundle (run/waddle).


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