Truth, even if it hurts

I am still here. Are you? Ok well probably not right now because it is SUPER late, but i am still having my bladder used as a soccer ball.

I was reading a favorite blogger of mine,  Lucinda or Suburban Turmoil as her blog is known and today’s post was so VERY VERY true that i thought i would link to it. It is a super good post so if yu have time and have had kids, READ IT!

I have to say that i agree with her, whole heartedly! I was NEVER warned when i was pregnant with J about breastfeeding. I knew that it was something that i wanted to do and that i was determined to get it somewhat right. Now my mom died when i was younger and my dad has remarried to a wonderful lady, but i really felt that i couldn’t ask her any pertinent nipple questions. My nipples had increased in size since becoming pregnant (another thing i never knew would happen) and i was convinced the suckers wouldn’t work. I have no idea why this is, but i just knew i would be unable to do it.

When J was born, despite my not having taken any classes on breastfeeding or having spoken with any of the boob squad (La Leche), he took over. I didn’t need to know anything about it, he figured it out that mommy was not going to be a help and latched on like a Hoover in a dust mite frenzy. Thank GOD!

The problem became though that he was feeding every two hours and before i knew it i was in AGONY! The boob squad had come by and (SO embarassing!) watched me feed and actually stuck her finger in J’s mouth between my nipple to confirm that he was latched on correctly. This was the end of day 1 and i was just beginning my trip down piercing pain lane. By the time we were ready to leave the hospital, i wanted to leave without a shirt on because the thought of ANYTHING touching my nipples caused me to weep uncontrollably. No one told me this was normal. No one assured me that this would pass. I thought that i was about to go insane for the next year, as i was determined to give J everything i could give him, but it would probably cost me my sanity.

Oh my I can still remember the pain. My only source of relief was a nurse in my dr’s office that had nursed 7 boys (dear god WOMAN!) and was able to talk with me about it. At that point i had gotten over my boob shyness and was ready to whip them out to ANYONE who would help relieve the agony.  She gave me some natural ointment and the best advise of my life, to let the milk dry on my nipple. If possible, go braless for a bit after feeding and it worked. That and my boobs adapted, but i remembered this advice with D’s time around and the pain period was a much shorter duration.

So whenever any of my friends ask me for advice on pregnancy or something that i was never told, i share the above with them. I am truly for mothers doing simply the best that they can for their babies and i tell everyone that if they cannot stick breastfeeding out, not to beat themselves up over it. You just want to be the best mother, however works best for you.


One thought on “Truth, even if it hurts

  1. I agree. I only BF for 2 weeks (not counting the stay in the hospital). Long story. But there are a lot of things that the “BF Powers” keep behind wraps to “encourage” breastfeeding.

    Sad actually.

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