We received some wonderful news today. My sister after many failed attempts and miscarriages has finally become pregnant. We are so thrilled for her! She has suffered through many sad times and while she is always excited when i become pregnant she has been avoiding the nephews lately. I think it serves as a reminder to what she didn’t have. I always felt a bit sad that i have had no real troubles conceiving, in fact we will have to have some permanent measures taken when we are finally done having kids, since we are immune to birth control. Thank goodness i didn’t have this ease at conceiving in high school or college with any of my boyfriends. Geesh.

Unfortunately even though she is three months along, with her past issues this does not put her past having issues carrying the baby to term. I hope for her to have an uneventful pregnancy, but i know she is stressed and worried. It would be hard not to be, although i cannot fathom what emotions she must be going through. It always makes me tear up to think of losses no matter what part of the pregnancy or life the child is.

But my hope is for her to experience how full children can make your life.


One thought on “Finally!

  1. Congrats to her 🙂 I know too well what it’s like to be in her shoes. Bless her and the baby she carries. And to you . . . enjoy being an auntie!! 🙂

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