Yep he is that big

I went to see my favorite person today, my doctor. I joke with him that i see more of him than my own husband. We did the normal discussion of what is happening in the land of constant pregnancy. I am having some issues, but i am rallying on. We did the ultrasound to check on the baby since i am retaining a TON of water causing my weight to be up a little more than it should. Than it should? Seriously i weigh an amount that makes me cringe, so i don’t even pay attention when they weigh me. In any case, the baby is fine and there is plenty of fluid around him. Yeah there! In other news he is head down, but not dropped. He has a BIG head (no shock there) and a big belly (again no surprise) and he weighs in at 6lbs. 6LBS@! I have 33 days left to go. At a pound a week, he will be quite large when he comes outs. My doctor is urging me to go a week early and i may if things get much worse.

I will tell you that the thing i look for the most is the catheter. Has anyone ever said that? I swear though i have to pee so much that it is a relief to have the thing in and be able to sit for at least an hour without the urge. I swear the baby is out to get me. I get to the bathroom go, stand up and have to go again. I must have great thigh muscles because i am up down over 5 times each trip to the bathroom. At least i hope so, but i can’t see my thighs.


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