I love being pregnant. Despite the fact that it is turning my body into a virtual wasteland that only plastic surgery will be able fix. I really do enjoy it. I don’t feel like any of my pregnancies have been difficult. None of my boys have even wanted out and the only contractions i have felt were during J’s labor which was induced, 3 weeks after he was due (only because we had NO clue when he was conceived. We were on the pill, hello!) and then i still never dilated past 3cm. Fine by me i felt them and that was enough for me. Trust me i totally am not belittling you wonderful mothers that pushed for entire days!

So for that reason and the fact that our kids are roughly the size of toddlers when born, we schedule C-Sections. I am fine with that, i don’t mind knowing the exact date and time the baby is coming.

I don’t, however, have easy third trimesters. I have problems with my blood pressure, water retention, blurred vision, migraines and disorientation. A lot of the symptoms are due to the blood pressure which is because i work the night shift, stay up all day taking care of the boys and get maybe 3-4 hours of sleep 5 days a week. The two days i get to be normal and have a good night’s sleep i think i may actually fall into a coma. So for these reasons i was taken out of work 6 weeks before D was born and now am on a reduced work schedule until April 2 when i am out on maternity leave weeks before i am due and for ten weeks after the delivery. My company has a policy of two weeks of short term disability for every year with the company, for me that is 14 weeks total. Which is very helpful for this situation. Since this is my third C-section my doctor wants me out a little longer to heal. I am lucky though i have no scar from either C-section and there was no scarring on my uterus when D was born.

I really have no idea why i am typing this, i guess because i can’t think of anything else to post?


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