I have lived in NC for a good part of my life and i can never get used to the winters around here. Today it is going to be close to 70! My kids don’t know what to do in terms of getting dressed and the gas can’t decide if it wants to run or not (so mainly it runs all the time to compensate for said indecision).

We played outside for a good two hours this morning and the boys were just plain exhausted. They were unused to the warmth and full sun. I could barely get them to eat lunch before naps they were simply exhausted! Yeah for me though!

I love it when it is warm and we play outside for most of the day. They have so much energy and days that we are stuck in the house i fear it is going to explode from the amount of activity inside of it. Even when it is bitterly cold they want outside though. I am completely grateful for this fact and that they are not attached to the tv via DVD. Sometimes in the winter i worry about it, but they are more than happy to turn off the tv and run around outside for a while.

I must say that since i am roughly the size of a barge right now, their getting to run around outside makes my life better because i am not the source of entertainment. THANK GOD! I am about as entertaining as an iceberg to the Titanic. I can barely bend over and am pretty sure that i am wearing pants only because no one is looking at me funny.

At least i hope i am…


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