In an effort to shameless increase the traffic on this site, i posted that i would pick four winners from commenter’s during the “Ultimate Blog Party”. While i got a lot of visitors, i was surprised not to get more comments. Being fairly new though to the Mommy Blogging world that’s ok though. At least people came and checked me out. Maybe they will stop in again.

So without further adieu here are the four lucky winners of my jewelry contest, as picked by my oldest, J. He picks all of my winners.

1) Michelle – Busybusymomma

2)  BeckieHome Fries

3)  Cindy – Notes in the Key of Life

4)  Jodi – Jodifur

Congratulations to all of you! Now i will be sending all of you an e-mail within the next week to get your details and then should get your jewelry out after that.

Those of you who didn’t win don’t worry i will be posting contests from time to time and sometimes i like sending gifts for the heck of it.

Plus i am trying out my pieces on other people and what better way to do that than give a few away.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope that you all will come back again and again!


2 thoughts on “Winners!

  1. Wow! I won something! Too cool. :o) I’m STILL trying to catch up on my blogging since the party, and I didn’t even get to visit a fraction of the bloggers out there!

    I will reply to your email. Thanks to your son for picking me! :o)

    PS- I hear from some that babies only gain 1/2 pound a week in the final month. Does that help you any? LOL Amazing how heavy newborns feels in utero in those final days, yet they’re so light in our arms. I’m getting nostalgic because it’s been almost a year since my babe was born!

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