Good Daddy

In case people think that M doesn’t do things every once in a while that are totally needed, here is proof that he does.

Today M decided that he would take the boys to the museum, by himself. Now this is a great feat because D’s desire to explore is much different from J’s so it is rather like herding lions to take them somewhere to look at the cool animals. Now put on top of this, 17 bus loads of school kids on a field trip. You have to give him props for that. He stayed true to his word and even after seeing the sea of little people he forages ahead to museum because he promised and the boy however unfocused love it there. They even came home with new toys. I give him points for bringing home the right two kids and not going completely nutso in the process.

What did i do? I slept on the couch with the baby monitor on because it was just too weird not to have them in the house.


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