I am weird

I am not normal.

I eat tons of fruits and veggies each day and drink a gallon of water.

I am sensible even though i seem to always be pregnant or nursing someone, about my eating and the cravings i get (kit kats smothered in mustard, 1 cup of sour cream mixed with pepsi, fries dipped in strawberry jam and sour cream) I don’t eat but maybe once a week. Ok i have one pepsi with sour cream a day, but i work the night shift people, a girl needs some caffeine.

Every pregnancy i gain at least 100lbs.

With my first pregnancy, my doctor and i tried to staved the impending flow of weight that seemed to jump on board my ass. I wrote down everything i ate, i walked every day and yet i still gained 100lbs. There was no stopping it. So with my second son, he just said well i guess we can’t stop it, it is just genetic for you. Great! At least he wasn’t on my case that i was eating too much or not doing the right thing.

Something i have realized though, it doesn’t matter what i do, i still gain the weight, so why am i not pigging out!?!?!?


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