Balance Part 2

For those people bored enough to continue reading my ramblings, how does one manage to balance personal health and the well-being of the family? All mothers (except the stark raving mad) allow their health to take a back seat to that of their families, unless you are unable to stand up straight and in a lot of cases you may crawl to get through your day.

Most of us know that the rain, sleet and snow that will not stop a postman from getting you your mail is nothing compared with your having the stomach flu, migrane or whatever ailment your child has seen fit to bestow upon you. So while you have nursed your little one (and in most cases your hubbie) back to health you are gifted with that wonderful ailment on top of which you now have a newly energized little one to deal with. Now in some cases, the other half will off (halfheartedly) to watch said offspring while you get some well deserved grave bed time. If your other half is like mine though this involves numerous interruptions to find out what to feed said monster child, can they do this, etc. For me i normally am so fed up with the questions i just get up to do it myself, don’t think i don’t notice the look of relief about it either buddy.

M is a great dad and a great husband and he feels that i often put him down in my posts. I like to think i just post a candid view of life in our household and that means both the good and bad. The bad being much funnier and post worthy. Now saying that, i am fairly pregnant with our third son and i still think he is in denial about it. All the pampering you get with the first born is out the window when you get one or two other children in the house. There is just so much to deal with and while you as the incubator need your rest, you don’t get all that you need. Hell i am lucky i get any rest i need.

In reading this post, i am convinced that any skills i had as a writer are gone. My children have taken all of my intelligent brain cells, which with any luck with survive their teens and college years and they will become something. I have no train of thought and i swear if my english professor is reading this, please just look away.

I had a point folks, really i did, but the baby kicked and hit my bladder and i lost my train of thought along with the glass of water i just drank.


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