I am slowly getting the hang of this WordPress thing. As you can see i have managed to at least include photos of my kids in this to customize it a bit. I do miss how blogger lets you change the dates of your posts. If wordpress does that, i have no clue as to where that option is.

I want this journal to be different from my other one, Pharlap Wonders, in the sense that i not only cover what my kids have done to me during the day, but other topics that are either brought up in the news or other blogs that i read. Trust me anyone who has come over to this journal from my blog knows that i have a few blogs that i keep up with (1050 and counting!). It is any wonder that i can manage to keep the kids alive and work a full time job. But let me just clue you in, one Google Reader is my friend, while not all of the blogs have feeds over 900 do and that helps out a lot. Then i am a speed reader and as long as i don’t miss, say a month on the internet i keep up easily. Oh and i work at night, so no i am not neglecting the kids to read blogs although i will confess that the thought has crossed my mind.

I also have no clue how to add things other than those provided by WordPress to the side bar. As soon as i figure it out , there will be a list of the characters for you to refer to while reading this. But for now, J is my oldest and D is my youngest. I am married to M and he has a gaggle of family that will provide plenty of fodder for future posts. Especially around the holidays when i am forced to visit and stay with them in a house the size of my living room.

For now be patient with me while i work through my ability to grasp WordPress technology.

Ha! I figured the timestamp thing out. It only took 3 hours.


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