This is the obligatory post in which i introduce myself to you and annouce why I am writing this blog. I mean i am aware that now the whole world will be able to see my life for the cheerio infested mess that it is. I don’t mind if it hasn’t offended the neighbors yet then it should be ok here on the internet. Be warned though at times it isn’t pretty (most of the time) and very often there will be TMI (too much information, for the internet challenged, don’t worry i am in that category as well.).

I am a 32 year old mother of a 3.5 year old (referred in all following posts as J) and a 1.5 year old (referred to as D in the following posts), also i am 7.5 months pregnant with our third boy. I am have been married to DH for four and a half years and am ready for when the honeymoon is supposed to start. I work full time for a company that probably wouldn’t want to be attached by name to this blog and i work the night shift because i have lost ALL of my marbles (actually because we chose to live in a house rather than a box and put the kids in daycare). Somedays the box looks good folks.

Throughout the blog I will bore you with other details in my life so no need to do so right away. I mean we have forever, right? Well as long as my ability to type exists, that is.

So welcome to Motherhood folks, it truly made my butt bigger!


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